Soulace Studio is a journey of re-connection to self in doing what you love and loving what you do. Following your bliss and your heart in recognising your own place on this planet through patterns, emotions and relationships in life. Exemplifing the power and spirit of "being" human – connecting mind, body and soul to our surroundings as we move through this world, individually and collectively. Actualising the connected-ness to self, each other, mother nature and all sentient beings are prominent themes you'll find expressed in Soulace Studio's "heart" glass.  

Soulace Studio is the creative endeavor of Stephanie Benge, to share her adventures into the world of studio kiln formed glass. “I think in pictures, I always have, and my create-ability is anchored to a profound appreciation of art, design and style. Glass has held a long fascination for me, it’s fragile but strong, delicate but enduring, beautifully consuming and transformational in the light - as we all can be". Spending time in the studio means carving out space to simply be, reflect and create utilising the beauty and transparency of glass.  

Besides her passion for all things glass, Steph is a lover of animals, an essential oils wellness advocate, holistic natural remedies seeker, real food recipe freak and oracle card collector. When not absorbed in the studio, she works along side her rowing mad, electrical wizard, studio tinkering husband Mike. 

From the idyllic town of Wanganui, the Art & Glass destination of New Zealand, Steph’s heart glass creations are in the homes and collections of art lovers here and internationally, from Australia, to France, England, Singapore and Slovakia. 

 "Steph's passion and enthusiasm in working with glass shines through"  
Evelyn Dunstan

"Steph’s attention to detail and superbly crafted work is getting rave reviews"  
– David Traub

“A gifted and notably popular addition to the Whanganui Artist Open Studio Event” 
– Ross Fallen, AOS Chair 2016-2018